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Respect for All Week

Monday, February 13th

Random Act of Kindness Bingo Begins!

  • Copies of the bingo cards will be in your mailbox

  • You have all week to complete the challenge

  • Drop off your completed bingo card by Friday at 9:00am

Tuesday, February 14th

  • Student Council Valentine's Card Sales

  • Crumpled Paper Activity

    • Activity directions linked above. Each still will need one piece of looseleaf paper. 

Wednesday, February 15th

  • 100th Day of School!

    • Dress like you're 100 years old!

  • 100 Ways to Be Kind Bulletin Board Activity

    • Copies will be provided in your mailbox. Please send your complete hearts to the office when complete.

  • Brain Power Wellness Visits Upper Grades

    • Compliment Game​​

Thursday,  February 16th

Friday, February 17th

  • No One Plays Alone Day (Pre-K - 3rd Grade) during lunch

  • No One Eats Alone Day (4th - 8th Grade) during lunch

  • Black Excellence Friday: Black Author Event

  • Submit your Random Act of Kindness Bingo Card​​

In a world where you can be anything,
be kind.

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