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Mission & Vision


P.S./I.S. 180 Hugo Newman College Preparatory School is located at 370 West 120th Street in the heart of Harlem.  We know that the education of every child begins at home and is a continued partnership between parents, educators and the community.  We are poised and prepared to meet the needs of every child that passes through our doors.  We are a collaborative community of students, teachers, and parents working together to ensure that that our children meet their fullest potential.

Our core values are deeply rooted in a culture of CARE:

Culture of CARE, Collaboration, Arts and Inquiry, Reflection, and Empowerment

As a caring community of innovators and leaders, we strongly believe that: 

  • learning is constructed through social interaction and experience;

  • children develop confidence in their own voice if they have the opportunity to creatively examine new ideas from multiple perspectives and generate innovative solutions to challenging real-world problems;

  • the habitual practice of self and peer reflection, feedback, and monitoring of goal leads to improved teaching and learning; and

  • ownership of learning intersects at passion, strengths, and confidence.

Culture of CARE Poster: Collaboration, Arts and Inquiry, Reflection, and Empowerment
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