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Thu, Nov 27 - Fri, Nov 28
Thanksgiving RECESS NO SCHOOL!
Monday, December 1
Grade 2 Swimming (Asphalt Green at PS 125)
8:30 am -  9:15 am  -  Robinson Darby 2-231

9:15 am - 10:00 am   - Chrzanowski 2-223

10:00 am - 10:45 am - Roberts 2-227
Sports & Arts Grade 3 - 5
2:20 PM - 5:20 PM
Sports & Arts Middle School Gr 6 - 8
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Tuesday, December 2
SLT School Leadership Team Meeting (Room 224)
7:30 AM - 8:00 AM
Midori Music (Beginning Violin) Library Room 224
1:00 PM - 2:10 PM
Midori Music (Beginning Percussion) FSW Ms. Dugan
1:10 PM - 2:10 PM
Midori Music (Intermediate Percussion) FSW/Mr. Haiman
2:20 PM - 3:30 PM
Midori Music (Intermediate) Lbrary Room 224
2:20 PM - 3:20 PM

Violin - Library 224

Percussion -Mr. Haiman

Sports & Arts Grade 3 - 5
2:20 PM - 5:20 PM
Sports & Arts Middle School Gr 6 - 8
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Upcoming Events


Click here for flyer w/details.

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WHEN: Saturday December 13, 1-4pm
WHERE: Gym + Cafeteria
WHO: Pre-K -4 Students + families
HOW MUCH: $5 per person
WHAT: Games, Arts + Crafts, Food, Silent Auction, + more

GET INVOLVED: donate food, drinks, decorations, supplies,
auction items and VOLUNTEER

Contact the PTA:

PTA Pizza Party Pledge Drive

Make your PTA donation and your child’s classroom could win a pizza party!
The class with the highest participation (NOT the most money) will win a pizza party.
Deadline: December 12 (all donations since September will be included).

Our suggested family donation is $50.  That’s just 28 cents per day for each day of school.
Whatever amount you can give is appreciated, whether it is $5, $25, $100 or $500.

Click here for Pledge Form or donate online via Paypal, just click on the DONATE tab (upper right of homepage).

The giving tree is an idea that came from our Student Council.
It is a way that families can support teachers and staff.

Every teacher or staff member has an envelope on the Giving
Tree branches. Look inside the envelope for an item that the
class needs. Most items are small and not expensive. Purchase
the item for your child's teacher (or another class).

Click here for more info and visit the tree (by the main office).

Pre-K & K Tours 2015

Pre-K Tours: 2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 3/26 + 3/27
K Tours: 1/28, 1/29, 1/30, 2/4, 2/5 + 2/6

  TIME: 9-10am

RSVP beginning January 2015:

212-678-2849 x2370 or Email Ms. Wilson

Check out the updated PARENT HANDBOOK
Get information about events, activities, and more.

Click here for a PDF
(print on both sides and flip on short edge)

Medical Health at PS/IS 180
The Ryan Center offers its services onsite at our school.
Get your child vaccinated! FREE flu shots are offered to all students. Stop by the office for the form.

Click here for the Medical Health page with links to various forms.

Relieve stress, tone up, and get in the best shape of your life!
Join us Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:00-8:45am for free
exercise workouts with other PS 180 parents. These classes
are also open to the local community.
Classes meet in the school auditorium or in the schoolyard, if
weather permits.

For more information, please email:
All fitness levels are welcome.
Exercise Flyer.jpg