Message from the PS/IS 180 PTA President,  Dennis Morgan

I won't forget June 29th, the day after the last day of school... Mrs. Fleming-Thomas sat with me in her office for what I would soon learn would be the last time. She told me she will be retiring, and her last day as principal of PS/IS 180 will be August 28, 2017. It was a very emotional meeting for both of us.
Mrs. Fleming-Thomas has powered our school and created a vision for educational success--one that has established PS/IS 180 as a beacon for public education in Harlem and all of District 3.  She asked that I share this with you:
I am sharing with you my plans for retirement effective August 2017. I would like to thank you all; students, staff and parents for your support over the years.  I leave 180 confident that our school is in an excellent place and will continue to be Harlem's beacon of light and learning for our children.  During my twenty six years as an educator I have been blessed to be able to educate, advocate for and shape the lives of  children.  I hope I have impacted my students and their future in a positive way.  As a community member, I will continue to explore other ways  to improve the lives of children and my community.  Jaguars, continue to work hard and always strive for excellence!
Ms. Fleming-Thomas
She also wanted to let you know that the Superintendent of District 3 is in the process of selecting an interim acting principal.
The PTA executive team is very sad to see her leave, but we would be remiss to not look forward, and see the path she has charted for PS/IS 180. To this end, we are eager to start this new chapter in our school's success and look forward to carrying on her vision for building an even more dynamic, engaging, and progressive school.
Thank you, Mrs. Fleming-Thomas for all that you've done. You are the standard by which we will look for future leaders.

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PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

2017-18 PTA Executive Board
President: Dennis Morgan
Secretary: Mary Vachon
Treasurer: Kurt Eldridge

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