Partnerships + Programs

Midori & Friends Adventures in Sounds Program                     Grades PK & Kindergarten
Introduce students to music and sound by providing students with music and movement activities led by a trained music/movement instructor.  Students learn tone, rhythm, instruments and a general appreciation for music and cultures.

Midori & Friends Instrumental Program                                         Grades 3-8
Students select an instrument to learn through small group instruction provided by a specialized music instructor.  Students learn to read music, practice and eventually play their chosen instrument during recitals and/or school functions. Midori and Friends also provides a series of free family community concerts which have featured artists including Midori, Wycliffe Gordon, Imani Winds, The Melody of Dragons featuring Chen Tao, and Alvin Atkinson.


Studio in a School Art Program                                                        Grades Pre-K – 2
Studio in a School partners professional artists with educators, guiding students to develop their own creative visions through visual arts workshops. Studio encourages students to be creative: explore ideas, express feelings, and share observations.  Resident artists work with students in their classrooms as well as train teachers in methods of integrating art in all curriculum areas.


Asphalt Green Recess Enhancement Program                                                            Grades 1- 8
In 2015 our school partnered with the Asphalt Green REP to enhance recess and get our kids more active.


Asphalt Green Swim Program                                                            Grade 2
The goal of this program is to ensure that students are waterproof (can swim in deep water) by the end of 2nd grade.  Students receive weekly swim lessons that provide additional physical activity in their day along with water safety practices and procedures.


Sports & Arts in School                                                                      Grades 3-8
Students participate in after-school enrichment activities that include biking, basketball, Lacrosse, drama, arts & crafts, karate, fencing, double dutch, chess, soccer and tennis.                                                                                                                    


Teacher’s College Reading/Writing Project                                     Grades PK-8
Highly trained consultants work with new teachers and build on experienced teachers pedagogical skills in all literacy areas.  Our school is at Teacher’s College Lab site for training of new teachers and coaches and host visitors throughout the country.  

Advisory For Boys                                                                                  Grade 6-8
This school based program provides our adolescent boys with male role models and mentors that help them in their social and emotional growth in middle school.  Through activities our male students develop self awareness, self esteem and positive social interactions, relationship and life skills that they will use throughout their academic career and life.

American Ballroom Theatre                                                                  Grade 5
Students engage in ballroom dancing lessons that provide opportunities to interact in a positive social structure.  Students also learn and practice grace and etiquette required in ballroom dancing as well as learning an appreciation for different dance forms and the cultures of origin.


Safety Patrol                                                                                              Grade 5
Sponsored by (AAA) the American Automobile Association, this program supports student leadership in the school community.  Fifth grade students assume leadership roles throughout the school and promote citizenship and positive participation in the school community.  Students are role models for the younger population and their peers.  The safety patrol maintains safety within the school and is assigned different jobs working under the supervision of administrators, teachers and parents.


Harlem Community Service                                                                   Grade 7
Our school requires that each student serve a community based agency/group for one semester of their middle school career.  Students learn to give back and the importance of service their community.  They gain valuable skills and develop a work ethic through volunteer service in the community.

Home Economics                                                                                     Grade 6
Students fulfill a middle school requirement of one semester of home economics; they participate in culinary activities and have received cooking instruction from world renowned Top Chef Marcus Samuelsson.


Specialized High School Program                                                       Grades 6-8
Students receive extensive academic support to prepare them to take the Specialized High School exam. They are enabled to compete with students throughout the city for openings in the most academically competitive schools: public, private and parochial.