School Messenger System

The school has an automated phone system which will alert you about events, calendar updates and notices. It will also alert you to your child’s absences or latenesses.



Each year the school requests updated email contact information. Emails are sent from the PTA as well as the Parent Coordinator.


Gradewide Committees

Each Grade Committee will have two parents per grade who represent all classes from that grade. One of the goals of this effort is to create more efficient lines of communication between teachers, parents and the school. To support this goal, grade committees will meet at least once a month with the teachers and PTA to discuss any issues or concerns they may have, including but not limited to supplies needed in the classrooms, grade-wide events and activities. 


How do I get information from school?

Many notices are distributed to the children.  Please teach your children to bring all notices home and give them to you promptly.  If you routinely ask your child for notices, the process will seem more important.  Also, please check your child’s book bag nightly! you will also receive information via the school newsletter and website. 


May I visit the school during the day?

While parents are more than welcome at PS/IS 180 our job is to devote all of our attention to the children.  Unless requested by the classroom teacher, please do not drop in unannounced.  This takes the attention away from the children’s learning.  There will be many opportunities to visit the school and your child’s class.  Early in the year, we have parent orientation (Back to School Night) and Open School Week (this allows you to see the class “in action”).  There are individual parent/teacher conferences in November and March.  Throughout the school year there will be workshops on a variety of topics.  If you would like additional meetings with your child’s teacher, please set up an appointment. 


What forms will I need to fill out for my child?

Every child must have an Emergency Card completed and on file in the school’s main office.  These cards are extremely important.  The information on this card allows us to contact you or other designated caregivers in case of student illness, injury, or other emergencies.  Please make sure that the teacher or office is updated immediately with any changes in address, telephone number, and emergency contacts. 

From time to time we will be sending home school surveys.  These are a valuable way to obtain information from you.  Please complete them and return them in a timely fashion.