Class Representatives/Grade Committees

Gradewide Committees + Class Parents
Beginning in the 2011—2012 school year, PS/IS 180 implemented communications through Grade Committees. Each Grade Committee has one or two parents per grade who act as grade-wide representatives. One of the goals of this effort is to create more efficient lines of communication between teachers, parents and the school. To support this goal, grade committees meet at least once a month with the teachers and PTA to discuss any issues or concerns they may have, including but not limited to supplies needed in the classrooms, grade-wide events and activities. 

Class Parents
Each class needs a class parent or parents who agree to serve as a class parent(s). He/she will act as a liaison between the teacher and the other parents in the class. He/she may make phone calls and/or send emails to inform parents of activities, to request donations of time, materials or support to organize a class/school event.

What is a class parent?

The class parent is a facilitator. The best class parents take their lead from their child’s teacher. Ask the teacher for his/hear guidelines, expectations and guidance so that you have a clear sense of what you will be asked to do in the classroom for the year.

The class parent is a communicator. In addition to the grade representative, you are the link between the administration, the PTA and your class.

What a class parent is NOT:

  • You are not an advocate for other parents in the class. If you or other parents have issues with the teacher, curriculum, other parents, or other students in the class, you should direct them to the teacher or the Parent Coordinator who will know best how to handle the situation.
  • You are not an assistant teacher. Your role is to help when asked and to remember that the teacher runs the classroom. Please respect the boundaries that the teacher has set.
  • Please remember that this is a volunteer position and it should be fun and rewarding, as well as helpful to the teacher and class.