Breakfast + Lunch

Free breakfast is available to all students at 8am in the classroom.


Pre-K/K: 10:40am recess followed by 11:20am lunch (in classroom)

Grades 1-2: 11:20 am – 12:10 pm

Grades 3-4: 11:20 am – 12:10 pm

Grades 5-8:  12:10 - 1pm


A special opportunity will be given to our seniors for lunch.  Students in grade 8 may have the opportunity to leave the school during their lunch period.  However, this is a privilege, not a right.  All students must arrive back at school within the 50-minute lunch period.  If a student is late coming back to school after lunch, they will no longer have the opportunity to “dine out.”  If a student in grade 8 chooses to stay at school during lunch, they may do so.  They may eat school lunch (or bring lunch from home).  Written permission must be obtained from parents before an 8th grade student may go out to lunch.


Free and Reduced Meals + Mandated Forms for All Families

During the first week of school, you will receive an application in your child's backpack for free or reduced meals. Each year you must sign the form and return it to your child's teacher even if you do not want or qualify for free or reduced meals. P.S. 180 receives Title 1 funding based on the number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, and we need to have a signed form for each student in the school. All family members attending PS/IS 180 should be included on one form.

You can apply online here.


During the school year, if you become unemployed, have a decrease in household income, or, an increase in family size, you may reapply online or complete a new paper application and return it to the school.

 After the school lunch forms have been returned to Mrs. Khadjyah Wilson, Parent Coordinator, you will receive a “school meal opt out form”. This form allows you to inform the school if you would like to have your child eat school lunch or bring lunch to school (and how often).


Lunch Payments Process:

Lunch payments are due at the 1st of the month beginning in October. Payments may be made using check or money order ONLY, payable to thePS/IS 180 School FUND